Mapping of structural heterogeneities of frozen rock mass by method of ground penetrating radar

L. L. Fedorova, D. V. Savvin, V. N. Fedorov

Development of GPR models favors the perfection of signal processing procedures and formulation of indicators for interpretation of ground penetration radar data. The article presents electrodynamic modeling of structural characteristics of the rock mass of the Mayat placer (Almazy Anabara OAO, Yakut diamond province, Verkhnyaya Kula site). The authors prove that in the GPR section the areas of geostructural heterogeneities of diamond placers are shown as a wave pattern anomaly represented by chaotic distribution of signal line-up. As a result, by data of ground penetrating radar mapping and based on the applicable indicators of heterogeneous structures a map was compiled of a placer site with zones of deformation structures. Implementation of ground penetration radar studies along with geological sampling brings an opportunity of optimizing the scope of exploration grid and technology of deposit mining by selective extraction of productive sands.

№5 (123) 2015

Key words: ground penetrating radar, placer deposit, modeling, disintegrated rock, mapping

Mining Industry Journal №5 (123) 2015, p.99