Ranking and scoring of countries by natural resource management efficiency

V.B. Kondratiev

The article is a detailed description of the Resource Governance Index (RGI) with its four key components: institutional and legal setting, reporting practices, safeguards and quality controls, enabling environment. The Resource Governance Index (RGI) measures the quality of governance in the oil, gas and mining sector of 58 countries by four key components. The author presents a brief description of the RGI four key components and statistics by country. The index assigns the numerical score to each country ranging from 0 to 100 evaluating the governance in state-owned companies, natural resource funds, and subnational transfers.

№6 (124) 2015

Key words:resource revenues, governance efficiency, Resource Governance Index (RGI), analysis, state-owned companies, natural resource funds, subnational transfers

Mining Industry Journal №6 (124) 2015, p.6