Selection of a hydraulic circuit for optimal stemming truck operation

Читать на русскоя языкеT.S. Sakhapova, A.S. Karavaev, O.V. Sidorov, V.A. Tikhonov
Izmerov Research Institute of Occupational Health, Moscow, Russian Federation
Russian Mining Industry №1 / 2022 р. 59-64

Abstract: Blasthole stemming has a major impact on blasting operations. Depending on the stemming material, different types of equipment are used, one of which is described in this article. The article presents the ZM-7-G stemming truck manufactured by AZOTTEKH LLC, which is designed for mechanized stemming with loose material. The stemming truck complements a range of machines for mechanization blasting operations and improves the blasting efficiency, reducing the flyrock zone and enhancing the environmental situation in the quarry areas. An optimal hydraulic circuit is selected based on this model and taking into account the hydraulic fluid flow rate and pressure of the safety valves set to a specific value. Implementation of the hydraulic circuit with separated hydraulic fluid flows ensures efficient maintenance and economical consumption of the hydraulic fluid, correct operation of the crane with the rated capacity, as well as safe operation of all actuating mechanisms. Conclusions are made on operation of the telescopic crane with a clamp bucket, and a description of the selected hydraulic system is provided.

Keywords: stemming truck, blasthole stemming, hydraulic equipment, blasting operations, stemming material, telescopic crane

For citation: Sakhapova T.S., Karavaev A.S., Sidorov O.V., Tikhonov V.A. Selection of a hydraulic circuit for optimal stemming truck operation. Russian Mining Industry. 2022;(1):59–64.

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Received: 22.01.2022

Revised: 16.02.2022

Accepted: 17.02.2022

Information about the authors

Tatyana S. Sakhapova – Technical Writer, AZOTTECH LLC, Moscow, Russian Federation; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Andrey S. Karavaev – ведущий инженер-конструктор гидравлических и пневматических систем, AZOTTECH LLC, Moscow, Russian Federation

Oleg V. Sidorov – Special Equipment Line Manager, AZOTTECH LLC, Moscow, Russian Federation

Vitaly A. Tikhonov – Director General, AZOTTECH LLC, Moscow, Russian Federation


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