Key Stages and Results of Research to Formulate Methodological Basis for the Strategy to Develop Mining Systems for Deep-Seated Deposits of Solid Minerals

Читать на русскоя языкеV.L. Yakovlev
Institute of Mining of Ural Branch of RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Russian Mining Industry №1S / 2022 р. 34-45

Abstract: Specific features of mining deep-seated deposits charcterized with complex structure require a step-by-step change in parameters of the technological processes due to the clarification of the qualitative characteristics of minerals as well as the physical and mechanical properties of rocks. A new methodological approach to addressing the challenges associated with subsurface development is proposed based on the principles of consistency and complexity combined with the interdisciplinary and innovative approach and supplemented by introduction of the 'transient process' concept. The following most significant scientific, technological, organizational and technical issues that require investigation have been identified: 1) assessment of the volume and quality of reserves; 2) justification of the open pit boundaries and its depth; 3) the sequence of forming the open pit space and its working zone in relation to the development of the open pit transport system; 4) transition from the surface to the underground (combined) mining system. A scientific and methodological formulation of the solution to the problems of developing the existing mining operations is proposed, which consists of the following three sections: 1) development of a long-term strategy of innovative and technological development that would include solution of complex tasks; 2) formulation of approaches to development of mining technology, including optimization of technological process parameters; 3) working out a set of organizational and economic measures and managerial actions to prevent crisis situations or recover from them, including redundancy and resource management, situation-based technical and economic analysis and elimination of bottlenecks.

Keywords: deep-seated deposits, mining system, methodological approach, development strategy, technological processes, consistency, complexity, interdisciplinary approach, innovative approach

Acknowledgments: The article is based on the research results of the project entitled "Methods of accounting for transient processes of technology development in mining of deep deposits with complex structure (2019-2021)" and the passport approved by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation as the State Assignment for 2022–2024.

For citation: Yakovlev V.L. Key Stages and Results of Research to Formulate Methodological Basis for the Strategy to Develop Mining Systems for Deep Seated Deposits of Solid Minerals. Gornaya promyshlennost = Russian Mining Industry. 2022;(1 Suppl.):34–45. DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2022-1S-34-45.

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Received: 30.09.2021

Revised: 27.10.2021

Accepted: 01.11.2021

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Viktor L. Yakovlev – Dr. Sci. (Eng.), Professor, Corresponding Member of RAS, Institute of Mining of Ural Branch of RAS, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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