Considerable time savings when operating with the Kögel FastSlider tarpaulin

Quicker, easier and safer handling during loading and unloading
Kögel FastSlider powered by Versus Penta Wave

The optional, light and easy-to-use Kögel FastSlider sliding tarpaulin system is now available for many variants of the Kögel platform trailers Cargo, Mega and Lightplus of the NOVUM generation. This quick opening and closing system consists of a tarpaulin reinforced with mini stakes, which fulfils the DIN-EN-12642 Code XL requirements for body stability. The tarpaulin system features a quick-opening lever at the front, enabling opening and closing in seconds, and a tried-and-tested Kögel expansion shaft and ratchet at the rear. On the Kögel Mega, the expansion shaft and ratchet are used at the front and rear. This system is Kögel's answer to the requirements of the automotive and beverage industries for short loading times, and grants drivers quicker, easier and safer handling when loading and unloading.

Kögel FastSlider sliding tarpaulin system

The Kögel FastSlider is a lightweight sliding tarpaulin without buckles that is easy to open and close. Specially developed rollers ensure that the tarpaulin slides smoothly. At the top, the rollers are guided by an aluminium roof strap, which can be combined with a lifting roof. At the bottom, a steel profile is used, which is screwed to the side of the chassis. The tarpaulin then slides open in a smooth wave motion and folds compactly together. As a result, there is no more need to hold onto billowing tarpaulins or clean dirty buckles.

The Kögel FastSlider system can be used on one or two sides and can be adapted to numerous logistical requirements, such as for automotive, beverage or pallet transport. When used on only one side, the optional Kögel FastSlider system features a Kögel Strong & Go integral roof tarpaulin and a side tarpaulin that corresponds to Daimler guideline 9.5. If a trailer is equipped with the Kögel FastSlider System on both sides, it will also be fitted with a Kögel Strong & Go integral roof tarpaulin.