ragRAG Mining Solutions GmbH, located in Herne, Germany, and TTE-Europe GmbH from Dresden, Germany, agree on a strategic partnership and an intensification of collaboration in sales activities.

Aim of this agreement is a comprehensive collaboration of both companies in marketing solutions for tracking and tracing civil explosives as well as providing a competent customer service.

"Both solutions, the "Electronic Explosive Registry EXR" as part of the integrative module MM in SAP of the RAG Mining Solutions and the "Tracking & Tracing solutions" of the TTE-Europe comply with the high requirements of the EU-Directives 2008/43/EC and 2012/4/EU. They provide the customer with a significant added value", emphasizes Roland Hecken, general manager of RAG Mining Solutions GmbH and Frank Ille, CEO of TTE-Europe GmbH.

The use of the module "Trustcenter" for a secure and early transfer of relevant data between explosives suppliers and consumers also contributes to a significant increase in efficiency and cost reduction across the entire supply chain.

The presence of both companies within the common market enables them to combine sales activities and to meet the high demand of optimal customer solutions until the expiration of the deadline, dated 5th April 2015. As both solutions address different customer groups, the range of services for common customers can significantly be enhanced by means of collaboration between the RAG Mining Solutions and the TTE-Europe.