• kogelIn 2014 Kögel celebrates its 80th. Anniversary
  • Over 11,000 years of commercial vehicle competence
  • Keywords of the anniversary: Tradition, Experience and Competence

What do Shirley MacLaine, the wire race bearing, the first TV transmission in Germany, Fujifilm and the most famous duck in the world – Donald Duck – have in common with the trailer manufacturer Kögel? They all celebrate their 80th. birthday in 2014, they are top fit, and we cannot imagine our daily lives without them. Kögel have their anniversary day on May the 1st. 2014. They on the trailer market, remain true to the anniversary keywords of Tradition, Experience and Competence.

How is Kögel going to celebrate its anniversary?
The German trailer manufacturer will be celebrating their anniversary with events and campaigns spread throughout the year, for their customers, colleagues, suppliers and everyone interested in Kögel. In addition to an open-day, an 80s party on the IAA commercial vehicles, various different sales campaigns, competitions and donations, there will be lots of surprises in the product portfolio.

Kögel: as it was, is today and will be tomorrow
Since1934 Kögel, has been setting the milestones in the development and manufacture of contemporary trailer solutions that find a lot of interest both nationally and internationally in truck transport circles. High points in the history of Kögel are the ground-breaking innovations with which Kögel has been setting the standards on the market, and this continues to the present day. This includes, amongst other things, the first refrigerated semi-trailer in fully plastic construction (1961), the first demountable platform with support legs (1965), the first self-supporting aluminium round tipper body (1966) and the patented centre axle tipping trailer (1974), the first lightweight semi-trailer (1982), the first cathodic dip-paint coating plant for optimum corrosion protection for vehicle frames (2001), the 1.3 metre extended Euro Trailer (2005), the CNG Trailer (2012) and much more.

Kögel has offered tailor-made solutions from the year dot and has always focussed deliberately on the benefits and advantages, in order to create long-lasting added value for the forwarding and construction sectors. Kögel continues to build on this brand tradition, the experience gained by their long-standing employees and the engineer-based competence. The Kögel team has currently amassed a total of more than11,000 years of association with the company, and thus has also the same number of years of commercial vehicle competence. Additional strong points, that have traditionally made the company what it is, continue to be at the forefront of our considerations: A passion for transport, the dependability of an owner-directed family company and the first class quality resulting form in-house expertise. Our targets for the coming years are therefore already set: healthy growth with high-quality trailers at an optimum price to performance ratio.

"In our sector, nothing counts more than tradition, experience and competence. This benefits all of Kögel's customers. It applies also to those who want to become our customers" says Thomas Heckel, CEO at Kögel. "At Kögel we thus combine tradition, the present day and the future in a remarkable way. The past is represented by the 80-year anniversary of the brand, the present day is expressed in our well-recognised position on the commercial vehicle market. Customer-oriented product optimisation, strategic partnerships and tailor-made new developments lead us into the future."