kogelThe Italian trailer market has recovered significantly. In 2014 nearly 5 percent more semi-trailers were registered than the year before.

In the first two months of 2015 as much as 50 percent more semi-trailers were registered than in the same period of 2014. The number of registrations of Kögel semi-trailers also reflects this fact. Kögel sold 524 semi-trailers and more than tripled its sales year-on-year from 2013.

The new sales structure, which was introduced in 2014, and Massimo Dodoni, Sales Manager South-East Europe, have been the driving force behind this growth. In order to continue to meet the increasing demand for Kögel semi-trailers quickly and competently, Massimo Dodoni has been further expanding his Italian team since the beginning of 2015: four Kögel sales representatives and two dealers are leading Kögel to success all over Italy.

A market share of over 15 percent in the first quarter 2015 makes Kögel the market leader in Italy and is paving the way to a successful 2015.