At Bauma 2016,Liebherr will unveilits new entry into the 200 tonne excavator class: the R 9200, built to complement the broad Liebherr mining product range. The 12.5m3 bucket is the biggest in its class, and offers sustainable performance while delivering peak fuel burn efficiency, even in the most challenging conditions. This world-class mining excavatoris designed to match mining trucks with payloads of up to 140 tonnes.

The mining industry has partnered with Liebherr for half a century, allowing Liebherr to build a solid reputation for the development and production of world-class mining equipment. As a result, the R 9200 combines tradition with innovative thinking, to overcome any challenge.r9200

Optimized for performance

The R 9200 is available in backhoe and face shovel configuration and is fitted with the Liebherr advanced bucket and GET solution. With a standard bucket volume of 12.5m3, the R 9200 bucket solution delivers superior digging performance and high fill factors, even in the most extreme mining conditions. This new excavator is powered by the Cummins QSK38 diesel engine that complies with USA/EPA Tier 2 or 4i exhaust emission limits and has a rated output of 810 kW (1,086 hp). The cutting-edge cab of the R 9200 providesthe operator with apanoramic view of their operation, which leads to efficient truck loadingand safe machine positioning. The R 9200 integrates an advanced electronic piloting control system which is both intuitive and versatile.

Cost-focused energy management

The Liebherr R 9200 excavator is equipped with the unique Liebherr-patented Litronic Plus system, an intelligent power management system thatenhances electrical, mechanical and hydraulic power distribution. Combined with a closed-loop hydraulic swing circuit, this class-leading system means the R 9200 cycles faster and consumes less fuel without sacrifice. Efficiency is further enhanced through the use of on-demand cooling control for both water and oil. The independent cooling circuitseliminate parasitic loss while diverting power to the attachment. By eliminating heat, the R 9200’s components operate at their most efficient temperature; efficiency leads to lower cost and a longer life.r9200 face

Made by Liebherr

Liebherr, in consulattion with its mining partners, consistently sets the standard for advanced equipment design and technology. Specifically designed for extreme mining conditions, the R 9200’s outstanding reliability and easy serviceability provides maximum uptime.The R 9200 is built ona 50 year foundation that combines experience with innovative thinking, world-class engineering and manufacturing excellence. Central to the foundation are Liebherr’s advanced welding techniques which are stress-relieved and strategically located to ensure the R 9200 is still producing long after the competition has retired.Integrated components developed andproduced by Liebherr ensure peak reliabilitysynonymous with the Liebherr brand.

Ergonomic design for easy, safe and fast maintenance

The R 9200 is designedwith service simplicity in mind. Extended service intervals and purposeful system layouts make the R 9200 easy to service;minimising downtime and lowering operating costs. Accessibility of the upperstructure is of key note, a powered 45° stairway directs the maintainer to the centralised major service points which can be quickly and easily reached from this single-level service platform. The engine too, is surrounded by wide platformsleading to effortless and safe access to the maintainer. Hydraulic pumps are accessible through wide open service doors adjacent to a large catwalk. The combination enables the use of Liebherr’s pumplifting tool meaning faster replacement. All operating fluids can be easily and quickly refilled through the ground-level service access.

The R 9200 eliminates hazards to ensure a safe environment for the service staff during maintenance. Numerous service lights arestrategically located in service areas to maintain suitable maintenance conditions, day or night. Additionally,emergency stops have beenstrategically placed in the cab, engine compartment, and at ground level.