bauma 2016The BAUMA and IFAT trade fairs are usually preceded by a media dialogue where both exhibitors and journalists gathered under the roof of the ICM - Internationals Congress Center Munchen, in order to conduct professional exchanges on the products, new developments and industry trends. This year, CIM doors were opened to professionals for two days on 19 and 20 January 2016. Media Dialogue, an event preceding the advent of the Bauma Exhibition to be held from 11 to 17 April, 2016, in the center Messe München trade fair, and IFAT, from May 30 to June 3, 2016 at IFAT Munich Trade Centre.bauma media dialog 2016

The ICM was the appointment on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively 19 and 20 January 2016, receiving the exhibitors of BAUMA and IFAT from meeting with journalists to present their new products and expertise. Hall 14 and Hall BO experiencing bustling activity to the extent that the exhibitors have the opportunity to meet, everyone at the table, or the journalists interested in their products or innovations. Appointments were organized ahead of time to manage meetings and receive the maximum journalists. Factory presentations, products and expertise are the subject of this meeting in order to excite the interest of journalists that can relay information to their readership.bauma media dialog 2016About 300 exhibitors were able to meet 250 journalists from five continents. The media dialog ICM takes, in fact, the internationalization of character since both exhibitors and journalists come from all over the globe. This event inspired the image may have BAUMA and IFAT Living on the exhibition ground. This is undoubtedly two giant rooms, very expanded both in width and in height, meets all the criteria of exhibitions related to construction materials and industry capable of landing on huge surfaces.bauma media dialog 2016It should be noted that applications for the Bauma Innovation Award 2016 were selected. Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO of Messe München, announced the fifteen nominated companies and their innovations on the occasion. Winners will be honored so the night of the eve of the Bauma, at a ceremony at the Allerheiligen Hofkirche (Court Church of All Saints) in the Munich Residence.

This is a fair that is organized every 3 years at the Messe München exhibition center and is the driving force of global innovations while creating a profitable market for the profession. The worldwide unique BAUMA has enormous ability to bring the industry for construction machinery in all its breadth and depth. Innovation is the key word of this show in order to change the various trades related to construction machines. Bauma is the world's leading trade fair for building, construction and mining materials, vehicles and stationary equipment construction with future trends. For the first time, Bauma offers its exhibitors a platform where they can promote their charitable projects for free.

The BAUMA reached, in fact, in 2013 a record number of 575,000 square meters, 3421 exhibitors and 535,065 visitors. This year 2016, Bauma will be held April 17 at DU11 the success of his organization previously announced through exposure to strong demand and the presence of international media.