Advanced methods of technology-related waste deposit monitoring. Comparative analysis

Yu.N. Malyshev, A.V. Titova, S.V. Cherkasov, S.V. Bulov, E.V. Chesalova

The importance of the problem of dynamic accumulation of mining technology-related wastes dictate the necessity of the elaboration of the efficient and innovatively attractive approach to the assessment, recovery and use of useful mineral components. For the efficient solution of this most important problem it is necessary to design an algorithm, which main objective is the assessment of technologyrelated resources with due account for the concentration of useful components. For the assessment of mining technology-related wastes the selection of advanced monitoring methods is required. One of such methods implies the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

№6 (136) 2017

Key words: mineral materials, geosciences, technology-related waste deposits, technology-related mineral material sources, methods of technology-related waste deposit assessment, mineral deposits (MD); unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Mining Industry Journal №6 (136) 2017, p.46