Big data obtaining and analysis in the mining structures state monitoring practice

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-2-144-86-88
УДК: 624.131.3; 622:51-7

V.V. Cheskidov, A.I. Manevich, A.V. Lipina

Big data formation and using has become one of the most important directions in the XXI century technology development. This led to approaches revision for modeling objects and processes, as well as predicting their state with changing environmental factors and operating conditions. In the article we have discussed the Big data accumulation opportunities and prospects in the mining industry, in particular the mining facilities state monitoring.

Keywords: mining, sloping constructions condition monitoring, big data, artificial intelligence, man-made massif, mining facilities

Mining Industry Journal №2 (144) 2019, p.86-88