Contamination of mine air with exhaust gases of self-propelled machinery and proposed corrective measures

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-2-144-74-76

A.G. Chemotaryov, I.Yu. Gibadulina, N.S. Goryachev

Based on the results of health-related studies the article describes the formation and environmental pathways of harmful agents in the air of working zones in the process of development and production operations in mines operating self-propelled machinery with diesel engines. Despite relatively short time (at most 20% of a working shift) of self-propelled machinery operation in heading processes, high concentrations of exhaust components are detected also during drilling and development processes. In production stopes the level of air contamination in working zones increases in the course of a working shift. The exposure of mine workers servicing the machinery with diesel engines to dust-gas mixture in the mine air causes toxic-dust injury of bronchi.

Key words: ore mine, machinery with diesel engines, mine air contamination, exhaust harmful agents

Mining Industry Journal №2 (144) 2019, p.74-76