Safety rules for underground coal mines

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-2-144-42-46

A.V. Novikov, K.V. Panevnikov, I.V. Pisarev

The authors address some important aspects of industrial safety and safety-in-underground coal mining.Arguments are provided in favor of the air-gas monitoring system, which can be further perfected due to a broad-scale application of portable gas analyzers, including those incorporated in miners’ cap lamps. Application of such gas analyzers provide for underground workings scanning for harmful gases and oxygen with on-line transmission of measurement results to the control panel of a mine control operator. The authors note that the modern personnel positioning system is characterized by the optimal combination of wireless and cable communication acilities, This system identifies the coordinates of the personnel location in underground workings with high resolution – data is transmitted on-line to the control panel of a mine control operator. This allows the continuous monitoring of travel patterns and location of miners workplaces, enhances the personnel safety during work processes in underground mining conditions.

Key words: aerological safety, air-gas monitoring, wireless communication, underground workings, belt conveyor, route, measures, regulatory requirements, warning of the personnel, positioning, health and safety, portable gas analyzer

Mining Industry Journal №2 (144) 2019, p. 42-46