Re-Lining of Large-Size Ball Mills

DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2019-3-145-58-59

N.N. Nailov

The paper describes an innovative engineering solution to replace lining in large-size ball mills with the diameter over 7 m. The arrangements currently used for re-lining of such mills are considerably bulky and require a lot of open space for preparation. This approach aims to minimize the mill downtime caused by the relining activities. The author suggests replacing the mill lining with a hydraulically-driven manipulator installed on an extension platform with a device to deliver the lining inside the mill shell through the trunnion. The platform is fixed on the trunnion sleeve and always takes the horizontal position despite the drum rotation. This re-lining technique can be applied both for fully discharged mills using the lifting hook, and for the mills still containing ore and balls with application of a gripping device. Ball mill re-lining is currently performed using manipulators produced by foreign manufacturers. The paper describes a re-lining technique based on domestic developments and national equipment manufacturers, by adapting their products to a particular mill of a particular customer.

Key words: re-lining system, ball mill, manipulator, platform, trunnion

Mining Industry Journal №3 (145) 2019, p.58–59