Management of Complex Stability Monitoring of External Dumps Made up of Soils with Low Bearing Capacity and Located on Weak Base for Conditions of PJSC «Mikhailovsky GOK»

УДК: 622.83

S.I. Kretov, R.I. Ismagilov, B.P. Badtiev, D.O. Sharkovskiy, A.A. Pavlovich, A.S. Sviridenko

External dumps of PJSC «Mikhailovsky GOK» were formed on a weak watered base which presents the least favourable conditions to ensure their stability. Refuse rock was dumped in the controlled deformation mode. This method can be applied if enough free land is available and the mining equipment makes it possible to locate the dump outside the deformation zone. However, at the present time it does not seem possible to dump the refuse material in this way. Therefore, a transition is currently in place to a method that would ensure dump slope stability in a mandatory manner despite the time of its formation. Introduction of this dumping mode in such complicated geotechnical conditions seems an extremely challenging task. Deformation processes can develop over time in such rock masses even under insignificant, but constant loads. This explains the need to exercise mandatory control of the external dump stability. For this purpose, the paper studies issues concerned with management of the complex stability monitoring of the external dumps at PJSC «Mikhailovsky GOK».

Key words: external dumps, monitoring, fiber-optic systems, surveying and hydrogeological observations, unmanned aircrafts (drones)

Mining Industry Journal №3 (145) 2019, p.15–19