Experience in Application of XLPD Extra Low-Profile Robotic LHD for Narrow Bedded Vein Mining at Mine No.8 of 'PIMCU' PJSC named after E.P. Slavsky

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30686/1609-9192-2019-6-148-44-48

O.A. Isyanov, A.S. Marchev, A.N. Rabolt, I.V. Mereskin

The paper presents the demonstration test results of the XLPD trackmounted low-profile LHD designed by DOK-ING for narrow bedded vein mining (m=1.6-1.8 m). These tests were performed in Mine No.8 of 'PIMCU' PJSC. The demonstration results proved the applicability of this equipment for the conditions of Mine No.8 due to reduced dilution, improved safety of mining operations, decreased volumes of both mined and processed ore keeping the metal production at the same level. The main economic effect of utilizing this complex can be obtained by cutting the metallurgical conversion costs.

Keywords: load and haul equipment, low0profile LHD, track0mounted, underground, robotic, production capacity, bucket, crawler, diesel0 engine drive

Mining Industry Journal №6/2019, p.44