Advanced Systems to Prevent Collisions of Mining Equipment and Personnel Accidents in Surface Mining


A.F. Klebanov, M.V. Kadochnikov, V.V. Ulitin, D.N. Sizemov

The article addresses the issues of ensuring safe operation of mining equipment in surface mining. It describes the main factors and situations that pose a high risk to human life and health. The most dangerous incidents are shown to be related to limited visibility and blind spots for operators of mining equipment, which can result in collisions and personnel run over. The main technologies and specific solutions used to design collision avoidance systems are described and their general comparison is provided. A particular focus is placed on monitoring the health of employees at their workplace by means of portable personal devices that promptly inform the dispatcher of emergency situations. General technical requirements are formulated for designing of the system to prevent equipment collisions and personnel run over in surface mining operations. The paper emphasizes the importance of introducing a multifunctional safety system in surface mines in order to minimise the possibility of incidents and accidents throughout the entire production cycle.

Keywords: surface mining equipment, operational safety, collision avoidance, production processes, navigation technologies, individual tags

Russian Mining Industry №5 / 2020, стр.24-29