Digital Transformation of Surface Mining and New Generation of Open-Pit Equipment


D.Ya. Vladimirov, A.F. Klebanov, I.V. Kuznetsov

The The paper addresses the issues of designing onboard systems and complex digitalization of open-pit mining equipment. A generalized schematic diagram and composition of the On-Board Robotic Control System for open-pit equipment (OBRCS OPE) are provided. The option of the On-Board Robotic Control System for mining dump trucks (OBRCS MDT) and schematics of the on-board robotic system of the BELAZ dump truck are described in more detail. A layout option is suggested for an autonomous ready dump truck, a modification that meets all the requirements for the digital transformation (DT) generation of dump trucks i.e. the ability to operate as part of the mine fleet management systems and robotic control systems, as well as the availability of modern on-board industrial safety systems and remote diagnostics. The DT Generation of mining equipment will allow mining companies to achieve the up-to-date level in digital transformation of surface mining operations and will cut the amount of investments required in upgrading the mining transport system.

Keywords: Open-pit equipment, digital transformation, surface mining, onboard robotic control system, digital transformation technologies, complex robotic loading and transport systems, Autonomous Ready dump truck, DT Generation of mining dump trucks

Russian Mining Industry №6 / 2020, р.10