Personnel motivation as the social basis for sustainable development of a mining company

A.I. Buynitsky, M.N. Poleshchuk

The paper considers a mining company as a social production system intended to meet the interests of its stakeholders. Execution of the production process of a mining company is collective effort and it requires a sufficiently well-coordinated interaction of the personnel. The consistency of this interaction is conditioned by the interrelation of the tasks, qualifications and motivation of the employees. Interrelation of tasks is based on structuring the objective and assigning tasks to employees in accordance with their qualifications and motivation. The basis of the employee's motivation to complete the task is their understanding of the possibilities and ways to satisfy their needs in doing so. An efficient method to build employee's motivation is to make the proposed task relevant to the employee.

Keywords: mining company, sustainable development, social basis, personnel, employee, motivation, interaction, synergy

Russian Mining Industry №2 / 2022, р.51-53