Light Railways as the Basic for Transport Infrastructure Development in Northern Territories of Russia

P.I. Tarasov
Perspektiva-M’LLC, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Russian Mining Industry №5 / 2020 р. 97-101

Читать на русскоя языкеAbstract: Research objective: studies of economic and transport infrastructure development in the Arctic and Northern Territories of Russia. Research methodology: analysis of transport infrastructure in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the types of railways used in Russia. Results: economic development of any region is proportional to the development of the road transport infrastructure and logistics. When a conventional railway is operated in the Arctic conditions, it is not always possible to maintain a cargo turnover that would ensure its efficient use, and transshipment from one mode of transport to another is very problematic. A new type of railway is proposed, i.e. a light railway. Conclusions: the proposed new type of transport offers all the main advantages of narrow gauge railroads (high speed of construction, efficiency, etc.) and helps to eliminate their main disadvantage, i.e. the need for transloading when moving from a narrow gauge to the conventional one with the width of 1520 mm, along with a significant reduction in capital costs.

Keywords: the Arctic, kimberlite deposits, light railways, transport infrastructure, sparsely populated areas

For citation: Tarasov P.I. Light Railways as the Basic for Transport Infrastructure Development in Northern Parts of Russia. Gornaya promyshlennost = Russian Mining Industry. 2020;(5):97–101. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2020-5-97-101.

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Received: 14.09.2020

Revised: 22.09.2020

Accepted: 01.10.2020

Information about the author

Petr I. Tarasov – Full Member of the Russian Academy of Mining, Candidate of Science (Engineering), Deputy Director for Science, ‘Perspektiva-M’ LLC, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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