Assessment of the social and economic significance and risks in development of a mining enterprise in the Republic of Tyva (based on materials from the Lunsin LLC)


Читать на русскоя языкеV.O. Oorzhak
Tuva Institute for Integrated Development of Natural Resources of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Kyzyl, Russian Federation
Russian Mining Industry №6 / 2023 р. 166-169

Abstract: The object of the study is Lunsin LLC - one of the first enterprises newly created in the mountainous, inaccessible, border region of Russia for the development of natural resources. In order to assess the impact of the company’s activities on the social and economic development of the region and determine the development risks, data from official statistical sources, government authorities, the company itself and other available information were collected and analyzed. The history of creation, the current state and activities of the company are presented. It is shown that, despite the existing objective difficulties, it was possible to attract significant investments into the economy of the republic to create this enterprise (more than 28,382 million rubles), the company is operating successfully. For the period from 2014–2022 the company paid taxes to the budget of the republic in the total amount of 3.6 billion rubles. The number of employees reached 1,072 people in 2022, net profit was received in the amount of 7.3 billion rubles. It is concluded that the production activities of Lunsin LLC show significant positive efficiency for the social and economic development of the region and, along with the successful development of the richest Kyzyl-Tashtyg polymetallic ore deposit, there are certain development risks associated with the issues of preserving the unique environment of the upper reaches of the Greater Yenisei, i.e. Biy- Hema. Proposals are being made to strengthen environmental protection measures.

Keywords: border region, risk assessment, Republic of Tyva, Lunsin

Acknowledgments: The work was carried out according to the state order TuvIKOPR SB RAS. Project No.121031300230-2.

For citation: Oorzhak V.O. Assessment of the social and economic significance and risks in development of a mining enterprise in the Republic of Tyva (based on materials from the Lunsin LLC). Russian Mining Industry. 2023;(6):166–169. (In Russ.)

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Received: 03.10.2023

Revised: 27.11.2023

Accepted: 04.12.2023

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Valery O. Oorzhak – Сand. Sci. (Econ.), Assistant Professor, Leading Researcher of the Laboratory of Regional Economics, Tuvinian Institute for Exploration of Natural Resources of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Kyzyl, Russian Federation;; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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