Experience in Development, Implementation and Standardization of BIM Design in the Mining Industry

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.30686/1609-9192-2021-5-40-50
K.I. Shestakov, I.M. Sokolov, M.A. Pirogov, S.G. Soloview
1 RIVS Company, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Russian Mining Industry №5 / 2021 р. 40-50Читать на русскоя языке

Abstract: The paper describes the experience of the RIVS Company in using the Building Information Model technologies as the key element, from software selection and training of the company's specialists to practical examples of applying these technologies in pilot projects and information models being developed under existing contracts. The process of interacting with the customer regarding coordination of the design solutions and visual presentation of the facility is also addressed. A performance assessment has been carried out based on the implementation and subsequent use of the BIM technology. Taking into account the research data, global and Russian trends in BIM-design, the RIVS Company continues to use and develop Building Information Model technologies, as well as to set challenging goals - from automation of modelling processes to the creation of a digital twin. This article and the data presented in it can help the companies that are implementing the Building Information Model technologies to making a decision in their favor of one or another software product. A real case illustrated in the article will give an insight into the use of the BIM technologies.

Keywords: BIM, TIM, information modeling, information models, development of BIM technologies, implementation experience, efficiency of BIM technologies

Acknowledgments: The work has been prepared with the support of the RIVS Company.

For citation: Shestakov K.I., Sokolov I.M., Pirogov M.A., Soloview S.G. Опыт развития, внедрения и стандартизации BIM (ТИМ)-проектирования в горнодобывающей отрасли. Gornaya promyshlennost = Russian Mining Industry. 2021;(5):40–50. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.30686/1609-9192-2021-5-40-50.

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Received: 05.08.2021

Revised: 10.09.2021

Accepted: 13.09.2021

Information about the authors

Konstantin I. Shestakov – Deputy Technical Director - Director of the Design Department, RIVS Company, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ivan M. Sokolov – Head of Process Engineering Section of the Design Department, RIVS Company, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Mikhail A. Pirogov – Leading specialist at the BIM Design Section of the Design Department, RIVS Company, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Serg G. Soloview – Chief CAD Specialist of the IT Directorate, RIVS Company, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation


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